Kima Surf Bali Surf Spots

If you’re looking to surf, Bali is the perfect place for you. There are surf spots all across the island – for beginners and for experienced surfers. Whether you’re trying to hit your first waves or want to tackle barriers and even work on your backflip skills, the west and east coast have awesome options for you.

Find the best west coast waves during the dry season (April to November). Our Canggu camp in western Bali is just a brief walk from the home break “Old Man”. The Seminyak camp, however, is close to the spots “Kudeta”, “Gado Gado” and “Nixoma”.

We highly recommend setting some time aside to visit Uluwatu, the world-renowned surf spot on the Bukit peninsula in the south. It has the perfect left-hander break and even offers big-wave surfing options during the largest swell. Our Bukit surf camp brings you to “Padang Padang”, “Dreamland” and “Bingin” to name just a few.

The waves are perfect nearly every day in Bali. If you’re looking to surf during the wet season (December to March), we recommend the east coast. Our drivers transport you and your board to “Mushroom”, “Green Bowl”, “Sanur Reef” and other awe-inspiring spots.

We have compiled a list of 37 highly recommendable Bali surf spots for you. They range from easy to hard providing more information on your spot and the closest camp. Click on the spot for more!