Have you always wanted to become a surf instructor? To follow the seasons, work around the world and be part of the ISA worldwide community of amazing people in amazing locations?

Combine your love of surfing with a career and become an ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor at our Kima surf camp in Canggu, Bali from the 22nd - 27th of November.


The ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification is the basic Instructor accreditation and minimum requirement for professional instructors to hold.
In order to gain it, you need to

Attend the 2-day ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Course
Attend the 2-Day ILS Lifesaving Course
Complete a 20-hour internship at any surf camp in the world

We offer two packages:

5 Nights accommodation at Kima surf camp in Canggu + ISA & ILS courses with an accredited ISA teacher

10 Nights accommodation at Kima surf camp in Canggu + ISA & ILS courses with an accredited ISA teacher + 20hrs practical experience to receive your final ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification.

ISA Course description:

The course covers the teaching of entry level and basic beginner surfers through to an early intermediate level.

You will learn:

  • - The role of the Surf Coach and Duty of Care regulations
  • - Risk management & safety including identifying surfing lesson hazards
  • - How to plan and run an engaging successful lesson
  • - Different board skills and techniques
  • - Assessing students performance and evaluating outcomes of your lessons
  • - Minimising environmental impacts

* Prerequisites:

  1. - Minimum 18 years old
  2. - A good level of fitness is required
  3. - Show and understand rules of priority
  4. - Able to negotiate the line up
  5. - Show confidence in going left and right
  6. - Confident swimmer

ILS Course

The course contains theory, practical components, and group activities.
Assessment is competency based and successful completion is based upon the following:
Full attendance of the training course and all practical assessments
Basic Surf Fitness Test
Competency in each of the Practical Assessments
Completion of course participant workbook

Basic Surf Fitness Test: Run-swim-run to demonstrate surf skill competency, based on small to moderate surf conditions and to be completed within a 5-minute timeframe: Minimum of 100m run, negotiation of the inner surf zone with a swim of at least 100m through the surf and impact zone, 100m run.

Practical Assessments: Unconscious board rescue, basic first aid techniques in various scenarios, and provision of basic emergency care, including CPR.